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Non dual teachers: everything is mind

GuestPost September 14, 2016

It can be legitimate that every one is Brain, Divine Mind. There’s nothing “outdoors” or “other than” the Head of God. Thoughts as explained in ACIM could be the activating agent of Spirit, and Brain and Spirit are 1. The sleeping intellect seems to have neglected its Actuality as Divine Intellect. The sleeping brain believes it can be “in” issue or flesh, It appears to own two components, and it is apparently mortal or finite. As such, It appears to need to reply a wakeup Contact or to “open up its heart” and acknowledge itself as Changelessly Everlasting Mind. The center, as I use the expression, is synonymous with desire, or perhaps the altar of the head. When the altar appears to be defiled or to contain anything “in addition to” Really like, the intellect is closed to like, shut towards the working experience of Itself as Divine Brain. To open up the heart is usually to forgive or to look previous the defiled altar Along with the Holy Spirit to the Light inside of, and also to begin to see the Innocent, Radiant Perfection of Christ. An open coronary heart is yet another way of saying “Blessed are classified as the pure of coronary heart, for they shall see God.” A Pure Heart and Divine Brain are a similar, to get a clear and open up altar allows the Light of God to radiate and prolong The natural way. This kind of is Divine Brain. These types of is Creation. This sort of is Purity of Coronary heart.

Non twin academics
David Hoffmeister
PO Box 789 Kamas, UT 84036

Head/heart, pondering/experience, intellect/emotion distinctions are synthetic Moi constructs, for they nonetheless suggest duality. Thoughts do in fact crop up from what ever believed technique the head aligns with, God or Moi, love or worry, for within a symbolic feeling (as If your separation experienced really occurred) you will find but these two feelings. Opening the center to Correction (purity), desiring Atonement earlier mentioned all else, and desiring Only God are all means of describing the Gateway to your Remembrance of God. Christ is usually a Thought within the Thoughts of God. Christ is the Feeling of Excellent Really like while in the Head of God. Thus Wondering and Emotion with God is barely purely natural for Christ, with the Christ Mind is barely Union. In fact there is no duality, no Mind/Coronary heart break up.

Head is All in All. An open up Coronary heart is aware By itself as Brain, as One particular with God. There is absolutely no duality in One Thoughts, for Really like has no opposite. This is the meaning of “Perfect Like casts out panic.” Only Like continues to be Eternally Changeless. It is additionally the that means of “Practically nothing actual could be threatened. Absolutely nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.”

Thank you for your personal devotion to Awakening, for opening your coronary heart on the Brain of God. I love you very dearly and forever.

Peace & Blessings,

David Hoffmeister